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Therapistís Manual, A
Therapistís Manual, A
Secondary Prevention of Alcohol Problems
Martha Sanchez-Craig
Price: $36.95 CAD each
Book | ISBN 0-888-68275-1 | 152 pages | Published: 1996 | English | Product Code: PG014

In A Therapist’s Manual, case studies illustrate the techniques needed to offer brief intervention to clients dealing with mild to moderate drinking problems. Early intervention can help people address such problems before they pose serious health risks, or result in other negative consequences.

A Therapist’s Manual includes samples of clinical tools that can help you to assess the severity of a client’s drinking problem, and to pinpoint particular situations that can trigger excessive drinking. This information allows you to tailor appropriate coping strategies and help your client choose a suitable goal. This book may be used in conjunction with DrinkWise.