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About… Tobacco
About… Tobacco
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Illustrations by Craig Terlson
Price: $10.00 CAD each
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Pamphlet | ISBN 978-0-88868-518-6 | 4 pages | Published: 2006 | English | Product Code: P383

This full-colour publication, written and illustrated in a fold-out tabloid style, uses a humorous approach to deliver a serious message to teens.  About… Tobacco provides lots of interesting and informative facts about:

  • tobacco, the drug itself
  • who uses tobacco
  • quick quiz
  • different forms of tobacco
  • how tobacco is made
  • addictiveness
  • how tobacco makes you feel when smoked and when you try to quit
  • dangers associated with tobacco
  • second hand smoke
  • health effects (long term and short term)
  • the laws and the legal penalties
  • effects of tobacco around the world
  • benefits of quitting smoking
  • how to reduce the risks associated with smoking and second hand smoke
  • how to get help