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Fundamentals of Addiction
Fundamentals of Addiction
A Practical Guide for Counsellors
Edited by Marilyn Herie and W.J. Wayne Skinner with a foreword by Gabor MatÚ
Price: $99.95 CAD each
Book | ISBN 978-1-77114-147-5 | 791 pages | Published: 2014 | English | Product Code: P575

Previously entitled Alcohol & Drug Problems, this new edition has been renamed Fundamentals of Addiction to reflect advances in the field extending beyond psychoactive drug use to include behavioural or “process” addictions. Most chapters have been wholly revised and updated, while new topics have been added to reflect changes in the field. In order to be even more useful for students as a course text and for counsellors as a practical guide, this new edition includes practice tips and print and online resources at the end of each chapter.

Helping people affected by addictions requires—like all good clinical practice—an ability to listen to clients with compassion and empathy, to foster their trust and a positive therapeutic alliance, and to show respect for the person’s autonomy. But it also requires a sophisticated understanding of the increasingly complex issues with which many struggle, insight into how addictions affect specific populations, and information about the latest evidence-based screening, assessment and counselling approaches.

Fundamentals of Addiction is intended as an introductory text for college and university addiction courses, and for general counselling and human resources courses that address addictions. This text will be a vital handbook for counsellors looking for up-to-date approaches to a range of addiction issues. It will also be of interest to practitioners across the spectrum of care as a practical guide to helping clients overcome the harmful, sometimes devastating, effects of addiction.

More information, including the table of contents, is available here.


The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has done it again. With its many expert contributors, Fundamentals of Addiction combines cutting-edge evidence-based knowledge and skill in the addiction field with practical guidance and resources. This Canadian text is a must-read for every clinician, student or treatment provider working on the front lines.
— Michel Perron, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

Fundamentals of Addiction is a significant Canadian-based text addressing the foundational concepts of addictions. I will be using this extensive, current and topical text in both an entry level and more advanced course—it is that comprehensive. A clearly written and substantive work, it discusses practical and current themes of addictions, and is ideal reading for both students and anyone working in the field.
— Joe Ellis, Coordinator/Professor, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor Programme, Fleming College, Peterborough, ON

A key strength of this book is its ability to put forward the constellation of dimensions at play in clients struggling with an addiction. By building on long-established facts and introducing new evidence, this diverse group of experts offer a comprehensive view of addiction that is an excellent elixir of hope and practice wisdom for counsellors.
— Louise Nadeau, MA, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, Université de Montréal and Associate Researcher, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, McGill University