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Aggressive Behaviour in Children and Youth
Aggressive Behaviour in Children and Youth
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Pamphlet | ISBN 978-1-77052-214-5 | Published: 2008 | English | Product Code: PM073

Aggression in young people is an important social issue. Children and youth who behave aggressively may harm not only themselves, but also their families, their communities and society at large. Aggressive Behaviour in Children and Youth is a quick-reference tool for parents, teachers and others who interact with young people on a regular basis. There isn’t a simple reason to explain why someone behaves aggressively. However, we do know that there are characteristics of children, youth, their families and their environments that can either increase (risk factors) or decrease (protective factors) the likelihood that they will display aggressive behaviour. This brochure identifies several of these factors: working to minimize risk factors and enhance protective factors can help reduce or eliminate aggressive behaviour. The brochure also suggests ways to prevent aggression and manage aggressive behaviour that does occur—it also offers ways to determine if a young person has a serious problem with aggression and needs help. The earlier a young person with an aggression problem is identified and receives help, the greater the chance that the chosen treatment will have lasting benefits.