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Raising Resilient Children and Youth
Raising Resilient Children and Youth
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Pamphlet | ISBN 978-7-70522-060- | Published: 2008 | English | Product Code: PM075

“Resilience” is the ability to recover from difficulties or change—to function as well as before and move forward. Many refer to this as “bouncing back” from challenges.

Young people’s resilience is determined by the interplay of their individual characteristics, the characteristics of the families in which they live, and the characteristics of their physical and social environments. Everyone has individual factors (e.g., adaptive skills, social skills, learning strengths) that help make them who they are and determine their levels of resilience. In addition, healthy, well-functioning families provide many of the elements young people need to succeed in life—and the environments in which they live (e.g., social conditions) can profoundly affect their health, growth and resilience.

Raising Resilient Children and Youth identifies resilience-building tips that parents, teachers and others can use to enhance resiliency in various areas of young people’s lives.