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Prescription for Addiction
Prescription for Addiction
Short Version DVD & User Guide Kit
CAMH & Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs
Price: $5.00 CAD each
Kit | 56 pages | 39 minutes | Published: 2008 | English | Product Code: PG129

Opioid addiction is a health and social crisis, which crosses all social, economic and cultural barriers. Whether it begins with efforts to treat pain or through illegal recreational use of opioid drugs, the consequences can be devastating for individuals, families and communities.

Prescription for Addiction features compelling first-hand stories of opioid dependence. We meet Lisa, a car accident survivor, Charles, a seniors advocate,and Chris, a youth recovering from “oxy” addiction. Parents tell the story of their son, Ben, who committed suicide because he saw no way out of his opiate addiction. We travel to a First Nations reserve where leaders are grappling with a serious prescription pill problem in their community. And we meet Scott, a former opioid user who is undergoing methadone maintenance treatment in a determined effort to turn his life around.

Prescription for Addiction includes insights from doctors and other health care professionals about the risks and benefits of opioids, the responsibilities of prescribing doctors, and the use of methadone and other treatment approaches in helping people who are opioid dependant. The film is appropriate for a wide range of audiences including health professionals, addiction service providers, people struggling with addiction, their families, law enforcement personnel, educators, older adults, aboriginal communities and anyone who uses health care.

This 39-minute version of Prescription for Addiction has been condensed from a longer 85-minute documentary. It contains new material, as well as a Special Feature section with additional interviews about opioid dependence and treatment. The film comes with a comprehensive User Guide offering support for facilitators, teachers, and others wishing to screen the film in their communities.

Prescription for Addiction opens the door for people to talk about an issue, which is affecting communities across Canada. The film offers hope to those struggling with opioid addiction and dependence, and
much-needed awareness for those not already affected by this serous health and social issue.

This project was commissioned by CAMH in partnership with the Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs and St. Joseph’s Health Care Group, Thunder Bay.

The DVD was produced by Sky Works Charitable Foundation.
Directed/Edited by David Adkin and produced by Laura Sky.