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No More Risky Business
No More Risky Business
A Guide to Reducing Alcohol Liability
Larry Grand
Price: $29.95 CAD each
Book | ISBN 978-0-88868-739-5 | 108 pages | Published: 2008 | English | Product Code: PG134

No More Risky Business has been written for bar managers, bar owners and other licensees who recognize the need to write detailed policies for their staff and to write and post “house rules” for their customers.

Staff policies cover such issues as:

  • avoiding serving customers to intoxication
  • how and when ID is to be checked
  • where and when alcohol can be consumed in the establishment
  • under what circumstances people should be denied entry
  • steps to take to prevent drinking and driving
  • how to legally eject a customer from a bar

Comprehensive in its scope, No More Risky Business attempts to make bars safer while keeping licensees out of trouble with regulators, the police or injured parties intent on suing them.

By keeping bars safer, our communities will also be safer. While the guide leads people through the process of creating good staff policies and “house rules,” it also provides informa-tion about their legal obligations under the Liquor Licence Act, the Occupiers’ Liability Act and the Criminal Code.

In addition, the publication also provides an overview of key civil suits in Canada that have shaped how the courts in Canada expect licensees to act and what circumstances they can fi nd themselves being held liable for if one of their patrons is injured, or injures others.