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Family Guide to Concurrent Disorders, A
Family Guide to Concurrent Disorders, A
Caroline O'Grady and W.J. Wayne Skinner
Price: $16.95 CAD each
Booklet/Guide | ISBN 978-0-88868-628-2 | Published: 2007 | English | Product Code: PM077

Having concurrent substance use and mental health problems obviously affects the person experiencing the problems directly, but they also have powerful effects on family members and friends. Families need help to deal with the impact of concurrent disorders, but families are also a key to finding effective solutions.

Part I is an overview of concurrent disorders, an introduction to treatment options and information about substance use problems, mental health problems and how they interact.

Part II focuses on the impact of concurrent disorders on family life. It includes information on self-care strategies for family members and understanding and coping with the effects of stigma.

Part III explores treatment and support for people affected by concurrent disorders. It includes strategies for navigating the mental health and substance use treatment systems, information about psychosocial and medication treatment options, recognizing and planning for relapses, and anticipating and coping with crisis situations.

Part IV talks about the journey to recovery.