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Motivational Strategies for Promoting Self-Change
Motivational Strategies for Promoting Self-Change
Dealing with Alcohol & Drug Problems
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Video | ISBN 978-0-88868-247-5 | 38 minutes | Published: 1995 | English | Product Code: PV201

Helping clients to help themselves is an important part of every counsellor's job.

With this video, you'll learn how to:

  • enhance your client's commitment to change, using a variety of motivational interviewing techniques, and encourage your client to maintain that commitment
  • help your client set realistic goals, recognize the costs and benefits of change and deal with high-risk situations
  • use tools to give clients feedback about their past drinking patterns, related health risks, financial costs and caloric intake, and how their drinking compares to national patterns
  • give clients "homework" to help them identify high-risk situations and learn new behaviours.