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Methadone Maintenance
Methadone Maintenance
A Counsellor’s Guide to Treatment
Garth Martin, Bruna Brands, David C. Marsh
Price: $69.95 CAD each
Book | ISBN 978-0-88868-431-8 | 150 pages | Published: 2003 | English | Product Code: PZ164

Methadone Maintenance: A Counsellor’s Guide to Treatment presents concepts and strategies that distinguish methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) as an area of specialization within substance use counselling.

This practical guide:

  • provides a detailed discussion of opioids and opioid dependence
  • summarizes the advantages and limitations of MMT
  • orients the reader to best practices in MMT counselling
  • discusses polysubstance abuse, concurrent disorders, pregnancy, and MMT and pain
  • includes case studies that illustrate the details of clinical practice.

Experienced counsellors will find that the concepts and practices presented in this guide will help them consolidate their own thinking or challenge them to rethink some of their assumptions about counselling MMT clients. The guide will also be an invaluable resource for counsellors who have a background in substance use counselling, but are relatively new to counselling clients in MMT.