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Management of Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Problems
Management of Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Problems
A Physician's Manual
Bruna Brands, Meldon Kahan, Peter Selby, Lynn Wilson (editors)
Price: $55.95 CAD each
Book | ISBN 978-0-88868-306-9 | 546 pages | Published: 2000 | English | Product Code: PG102

Management of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Problems: A Physician's Manual  allows physicians to identify and treate substance-related problems effectively. Written and edited by phsycians, scientists and clinicans, the manual provides the latest clinically relevant findings in an easy to use form, along with practical, research-based resources.

Practical guidelines are supported by detailed discussions of significant clinical issues. This manual is ideal for family and general practitioners, medical students, medical schools, emergency physicians and medical libraries.

The manual features:

  • 18 sections covering areas as screening and assessment; treatment options; specific drugs and classes of drugs; emergency management of intoxication and overdoses; complications of drug use; issues relating to older adults, women and youth; identifying and treating concurrent disorders; drug-seeking behaviour in patients; and impaired physcians.
  • an expanded table of contents at the beginning of each section outlining diagnostic assessment tools, withdrawal and treatment protocols, medical complications and clinical guidelines
  • drug information sheets designed to be photocopies for patients
  • resources that support physicians when they encounter substance use issues, including resources, telephone hotlines and Internet resources