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Managing Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Problems
Managing Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Problems
A Pocket Guide for Physicians and Nurses
Meldon Kahan & Lynn Wilson
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Book | ISBN 978-0-88868-413-4 | 248 pages | Published: 2002 | English | Product Code: PG107C

Advice and treatment by physicians and nurses can substantially reduce substance use and its associated disease and health care costs, yet physicians are often hampered by lack of training and knowledge in this area.

Managing Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Problems: A Pocket Guide for Physicians and Nurses is a quick reference for the busy physician or nurse. It summarizes the simplest, most effective and best researched protocols for identifying and treating substance use and its complications.

The Pocket Guide helps medical and nursing students, physicians and nurses recognize that substance use problems are medically treatable. This guide will not only demistify the treatment of patients with substance use issues, but will also lead to better treatment outcomes. The Pocket Guide is an invaluable, practical resource with answers for most substance use problems.