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When a parent drinks too much alcohol… What kids want to know
When a parent drinks too much alcohol… What kids want to know
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Pamphlet | ISBN 9-780-88868-6 | Published: 2005 | English | Product Code: PM048

Children have a lot of questions and fears when a parent drinks too much alcohol. Alcohol problems easily become the family secret that no one talks about; it's also a problem that affects the whole family. This brochure lists common questions children have about their parent's alcohol problem, as well as suggestions for how to answer their questions.

Answers to the following questions kids commonly have are included in the brochure:

  • Why does my mom or dad drink so much?
  • What does it feel like to drink alcohol? How does it feel to be drunk?
  • Why am I so confused about how I feel? Why do I worry so much? · Why is the alcohol problem a secret?
  • Can my mom or dad stop drinking so much? Can people get better?
  • Is there anything I can do to make my mom or dad better?
  • Why do people drink so much when they know it will hurt them or others?
  • Whom can I talk to? Where can I go for help? What do I do if I don’t feel safe?
  • When I grow up, will I have an alcohol problem too?
  • What can I do so that I don’t ever have an alcohol problem?