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Treating Concurrent Disorders
Treating Concurrent Disorders
A Guide for Counsellors
Edited by W. J. Wayne Skinner
Price: $45.00 CAD each
Book | ISBN 978-0-88868-499-8 | 410 pages | Published: 2005 | English | Product Code: PM055

If you have a client who presents with either a substance use or mental health problem, you are probably already working with a person who has concurrent disorders. Understanding how co-occurring substance use and mental health problems relate to and affect each other can be challenging — how do they interact, and how can you help?

Treating Concurrent Disorders: A Guide for Counsellors gives you the information you need to offer effective, comprehensive care to this client population. Divided into three sections, covering assessment, practical applications, and tools and techniques, this guide includes topics such as:

  • concurrent disorders: past, present and future
  • identifying, understanding and treating concurrent disorders
  • providing specialized services to clients
  • improving existing services to better serve clients.

This practical guide prepares addiction and mental health professionals to understand the relationship between substance use and mental health problems, and offers an array of treatment options for different combinations of co-occurring problems. Treating Concurrent Disorders champions collaborative, integrative approaches, with the ultimate goal of achieving more responsive and effective client care.