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Nutrition and Recovery
Nutrition and Recovery
A Professional Resource for Healthy Eating during Recovery from Substance Abuse
Trish Dekker
Price: $32.95 CAD each
Book | ISBN 0-888-68369-3 | 200 pages | Published: 1996 | English | Product Code: PG104

Many people are unaware of the role nutrition plays in their recovery from substance use problems. Nutrition and Recovery helps clients take control over and improve their health by giving them the tools to change their diet.

This manual consists of 14 educational modules, covering topics such as food and mood, nutrition and gambling, healthy body, body image, fibre, fat and much more.

Each module has background information for presenters, lesson plans for group discussion and handouts. The modules can be used independent of one another to accommodate clients who may be at different stages of change in recovery. This resource will be invaluable to substance use counsellors and dietitians and nutritionists who work with those in recovery.