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Concurrent Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders
Concurrent Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders
An Information Guide
W.J. Wayne Skinner, Caroline P. O'Grady, Christina Bartha and Carol Parker
Price: $6.95 CAD each
Booklet/Guide | ISBN 978-1-77052-603-7 | 52 pages | Published: 2010 | English | Product Code: PM039

A person with a mental health problem has a higher risk of having a substance use problem, just as a person with a substance use problem has an increased chance of having a mental health problem.

This guide:

  • explains the symptoms and causes of concurrent disorders
  • outlines the different kinds of treatments available, including psychosocial and biological treatments
  • describes integrated treatment and how it helps
  • discusses recovery and relapse prevention
  • discusses family involvement
  • gives guidance on how to explain concurrent disorders to children

This guide gives a thorough introduction to concurrent disorder treatment options, and sensitive and sound coping skills to help people with concurrent disorders -- and their families -- toward recovery.