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When a parent dies by suicide… What kids want to know
When a parent dies by suicide… What kids want to know
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Pamphlet | ISBN 978-0-88868-650-3 | Published: 2004 | English | Product Code: PM037

When a parent dies by suicide, children's questions can be especially difficult to answer. How adults should talk to a child about suicide depends on the child's age and ability to handle the information. Children can often understand more than adults think. It is important to answer even the smallest questions.

This brochure will prepare parents and other adults to take the first step in talking to children about suicide. It will also help in explaining the suicide of other family members or friends.

Answers to the following questions kids commonly have are included in the brochure:

  • Why?
  • What is suicide?
  • Did I do something to make this happen? Is it my fault?
  • Could I have prevented my parent’s suicide? What could I have done differently?
  • Will I die by suicide too?
  • Are you going to die too? Will I be left alone?
  • If I kill myself too, will I see my parent again?
  • What will I tell the kids at school? Will they think bad things about my family?
  • Why am I so sad? Will I be this sad forever?
  • When will it stop hurting? What can I do to start feeling better?
  • How can I remember my mom better? How can I make sure I never forget my dad?