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Women, Abuse And Trauma Therapy
Women, Abuse And Trauma Therapy
An Information Guide
Lori Haskell
Price: $6.95 CAD each
Booklet/Guide | ISBN 978-0-88868-442-4 | 44 pages | Published: 2004 | English | Product Code: PM033

For many women, choosing to go into therapy to deal with a past traumatic event is a huge step. It takes a lot of time, money and emotional energy. Women, Abuse and Trauma Therapy is for women who are in therapy to deal with the long-term effects of abuse and violence, or who are looking for a therapist.

This straightforward and sensitive guide:

  • helps women understand abuse-related trauma and post-traumatic stress
  • explains the trauma therapy model, the three stages of treatment, and different treatment approaches
  • gives guidance on choosing the right therapist and developing a collaborative alliance with him or her that is healthy and safe
  • describes how family and friends can help
  • gives information on relevant books, resources and available services
  • helps women feel more confident about seeking help and more in control of their healing process