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Women and Psychosis
Women and Psychosis
An Information Guide
Pamela Blake, April A. Collins and Mary V. Seeman, revised by Mary V. Seeman
Price: $6.95 CAD each
Booklet/Guide | ISBN 978-0-88868-394-6 | 35 pages | Published: 2006 | English | Product Code: PM021

Psychosis refers to a loss of contact with reality, in which people have trouble distinguishing between what is real and what is not. Psychosis can be frightening, confusing and distressing. This guide is written for women who have had a psychotic episode, and for their families.

It explains:

  • what exactly psychosis is
  • what the recovery process is like, especially for women
  • how psychosis affects family and friends
  • how a woman with psychosis can manage her future.

This valuable guide gives essential information and support to women with psychosis and the people in their lives.