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Youth & Drugs And Mental Health
Youth & Drugs And Mental Health
A Resource for Professionals
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Binder | ISBN 978-0-88868-476-9 | 272 pages | Published: 2004 | English | Product Code: PY020

When ADHD, depression, anxiety and conduct and learning disorders emerge in childhood, they increase the risk that a young person may later develop substance use problems. In addition, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia tend to appear during adolescence and young adulthood -- about the same time that substance use problems tend to emerge.

This extensive and important resource on youth and concurrent mental health and substance use disorders is a well-researched and practical tool for all professionals working with youth.

The manual is divided into three main sections:

  • Part One includes an overview of youth substance use and mental health, along with chapters on preparing to respond; identifying, assessing and planning treatment; treatment and support; and pharmacotherapy.
  • Part Two is an informative appendix that includes information on risk factors and protective factors, a comparative overview of substance use and mental health services for youth in Ontario, a Do You Know… section with everything you need to know about numerous substances, brief summaries of screening and assessment tools, and information on psychiatric medications.
  • Part Three consists of First Contact: A Brief Treatment for Young Substance Users with Mental Health Problems, a treatment manual to help care providers integrate the treatment of substance use and concurrent mental health problems.